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Deionized Apple Juice Concentrate
Deionized Pear Juice Concentrate

Natural deionized apple juice concentrate (De-AJC) is made from natural fruit juice using a new pattern technology that produces with fresh and mellow taste. It can be widely used as a good sugar source for the beverage, foodstuff, medicine and tobacco industries. The dry apple sugar content of natural deionized apple juice is about 52% - 58%. Compared with sucrose sugar, the natural deionized apple juice concentrate has better characteristics, such as high sweetness and low calories, suitable for diabetes patients and children, and it can also perfectly keep wet.

Moreover, De-AJC is convenient to use because it will not crystallize below 0oC, allowing it to maintain good fluidity.


Item - Deionized Apple & Pear Juice Concentrate
Flavor Apple or Pear Flavor, served as natural liquid sugar
Brix (20°C): 70% Min.
Acidity %T(W/W) (as malic acid 25°C): 0.1% Max.
Color (11.5°Brix, 440nm): 95% Min. White color, like water
Clarity (11.5°Brix, 625nm): 95% Min.
Turbidity (NTU 11.5° Brix): 5 NTU Max.
Lead 0.3mg/Kg Max.
Copper 0.2mg/Kg Max.
Arsenic 0.2mg/Kg Max.
Pectin: Negative
Starch: Negative
Coliform N.D.
Yeast/Mold (per gram): < 10/gram
Total Plate Count (per gram): < 50/gram
Patulin (PPB@11.5°Brix): < 50 PPB
Patulin (PPB@11.5°Brix): < 50 PPB
ACB/or TAB <1 Cfu/10g
Fumaric Acid (PPB@11.5°Brix) 5 PPB



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